Multiple Citizenship is Easy now, Through URUGUAY Visa( South America)

Uruguay has a stated policy of welcoming foreign nationals who wish to come and live in the country. There is no immigration quota, nor does Uruguay ́s immigration authority discretionally reject applications. It is not required that the applicant invest in the country, either. As long as the applicant meets the requirements listed below permanent resident status is always granted.
Uruguay issues permanent residency permits only for applicants who are actually living in the country. So, it is not a jurisdiction where candidates can only fill the forms and leave with the permit without returning. The process of obtaining the permanent residency permit takes 12 to 18 months. Applicants should spend at least half year in Uruguay, during this processing time. Of course the applicants can freely leave and re-enter Uruguay. After the foreign national became permanent resident, there is no longer any requirement on staying in the country and the resident only can lose his/her status when stays out of the country for more than 3 years.


During the approximately six to twelve months that it takes to obtain permanent residency, you need to show “intent to reside” in the country, meaning that you should spend most of that period in Uruguay (although not the whole time, and you may enter and exit the country as you wish). If you only spend just above half the time in the country during the application process, you must show that you intend to reside in Uruguay through additional means (an activity; if married, that your spouse is also in Uruguay; that your children under 18 are in a local school, etc.).
Once you become a permanent resident, there is no longer a requirement to spend time in the country; you will lose your resident status only if you stay abroad more than three years.
If, after residency, you also wish to obtain Uruguayan citizenship (and a second passport), you need to wait three years (if married), or five years (if single). This period starts to run from the moment you first arrived in Uruguay to file for residency, and you need to spend at least six months out of each of those 3/5 years in the country to obtain citizenship (besides other formal requirements which mainly consist of gathering paperwork during the period, to prove your connection with the country). 

Main advantages of the permanent resident status of Uruguay:

– Permanent residents are able to apply for the citizenship and passport of Uruguay in three years, if they are married or in five years for single applicants. Interesting feature of this solution, that time starts to count from the day when the applicant arrives to Uruguay, regardless of when the permanent residency permit was granted.
– After the application residents can stay in Uruguay indefinitely.
– Personal belongings and household goods can be brought to Uruguay duty free.
– Local health insurance is available.
– It is easier to travel among MERCOSUR states with the residency permit of Uruguay.

– If the resident spends 183 days in the country, it is possible to qualify as a tax resident also and receive 5 years tax free. After this five years period, the residents pay just 12% on foreign income from interests and dividends and capital gains, pensions and retirement or lease income is excluded. 

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