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Canada is a magnificent country and a hotspot destination for worldwide tourists workers businessman and student. The millions of visitors and immigrants travel Canada every year with their different goals , ambitions and future aspects the diverse culture, favorable governments policies , visionary leadership andideal working , business andstudy environment Suits the immigrants with different objectives and aspirations.

How it is be in canada ?

• Canada is among ideal countries to live ,work business and study ,due to the following reasons:
• Canada is an Advanced nation with a strong economy.
• Transparent Government policies.
• Mesmerizing locations and landscape beauty.
• Excellent living standard of the people.
• Quality of life.
• Has got tremendous outdoors. hiking , mounting biking, climbing, kayaking canoeing skiing andsnow shoeing trails across canada.
• IELTS not required/Medical not required.
• By harmonizing the single- and multiple-entry visa fees, the visa application process will become simpler for applicants and promote tourism and trade by increasing the number of eligible travelers who are able to make multiple visits to Canada.
• The multiple-entry visa is particularly popular with visitors from India, China, and Mexico who hold 10-year passports and have been eligible to apply for a 10-year visa.

What are the basic requirement to visit on Canada for Temporary Resident Visa?

• Have a valid passport and other travel documents.
• Be in good health.
• Have good moral character.
• Be able to convince the immigreation officer that you have your family, property, assets ,etc that would serve as incemtoive to come back to your home country.
• Have sufficient funds to support yourself in canada and the amount depends on how long you will stay in canada  and whether you will be staying with family , friends or any paid accommodation.
• The fee for the temporary resident visa (TRV) program will now be reduced from $150 to $100 for the processing of either a single- or multiple-entry visa..
• Process Time in Embassy :  17 to 30 days Approx
• Flight Tickets ( including return tickets) and Hotel Booking Required.

 Fees Break-up

• Maple Fly Service Fees -                                            Rs 30,000 + 15 % Service tax.
• Visitor visa (including super visa per person) -         CAD 100$   (with application)
• VFS fees -                                                                   Rs. 1200
• Proof of fund(need to show) -                                    4 lac minimum for each person (Bank Statements/ Bank Certificate )

For  Spouse  –(if applicable)
• Embassy Fees  -                                CAD 100$  (with application)
• VFS fees -                                         Rs. 1200 (its depends upon the Embassy)

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